About Us -

About Us

Pettigrew Construction is a well-known and well-respected local contractor in Long Beach.  Craig Pettigrew has built many custom homes in Long Beach and Seal Beach since 1981. 

Staking his reputation on each home he builds, Craig is involved from start to finish and personally coordinates all aspects of his projects.  Craig’s framing background and extensive building knowledge help to clarify design or building issues during site meetings with homeowners, designers and architects.  Craig is on-site every day.

He employs a crew of four full-time workers who do everything from general labor all the way to finish work.  They’re a quality team who know the high standards of work that Craig demands.  

Subcontractors have been hand-picked through Craig’s many years of building; they are an integral part of a team that has proven to be very successful over the years.  Quality workmanship is imperative to a well-built custom home, and Craig accepts nothing less.  He ensures that his projects continually progress without delay.

We invite you to contact us should you wish to view any of our projects.  We look forward to building a home that you’ll be proud of.

Craig Pettigrew